About us


Our commitment to sustainability and responsible governance

We at Officium take environment, social and governance (ESG) seriously and are committed to responsible business practices in these key areas. ESG stands for:

We are committed to protecting the environment by ensuring the efficient utilisation of resources, the reduction of emissions and the implementation of sustainable technologies.

Officium GmbH and its companies ensure fair working conditions, support the communities we operate in and promote an inclusive corporate culture.

Transparency, integrity and responsible management are the pillars on which our company rests. We are committed to ethical behaviour, to observing prevailing laws and to the ongoing improvement of our business practices.

We and our associate companies are proud to place EGS principles at the centre of our strategies and daily operations. Our objective is to have a long-term positive impact on the world and create sustainable value for our stakeholders.


At Officium GmbH we pride ourselves on responsible corporate management. Our corporate management practices ensure transparency, integrity and the observance of the highest ethical standards. We are committed to strictly observing all relevant German laws, in particular those covering human rights, work safety and environmental protection.
This commitment constitutes a core element of our ESG strategy and it helps us to strengthen the trust of our stakeholders and make a positive contribution to societal development. We continually work to evaluate and optimise our practices in order to meet best practice requirements.


At Officium GmbH the health and safety of our employees has the highest priority. We have implemented comprehensive measures and guidelines to protect and promote physical and mental health in the workplace. Our working environment is safe and we offer regular training programmes and access to psychological support. We are committed to observing all relevant safety regulations and continually update our practices to fulfil the latest standards. Our aim is to create a culture of care in which all employees can work safely and healthily.


In 2023 we took part in the GRESB benchmark, a recognised international standard for the independent evaluation of our environmental, social and governance performance (ESG). This benchmarking tool enables us to objectively measure our ESG performance by means of specific categories and figures and to compare ourselves directly with other companies in the infrastructure sector. Participation in the GRESB benchmarking scheme gives us a valuable tool for monitoring our progress and determining potential improvement in the area of ESG.