Stefan Gärtner: Officium‘s new managing director for Berlin and the surrounding area

Pegnitz, 01.11.2023: Today, Stefan Gärtner took up his post as the new managing director for Berlin and its environs at Officium GmbH, a partner for metering and energy services for the housing sector. Officium unites 12 independently operating metering service providers under one roof.

Gärtner strives to enhance quality and reliability through a strong sales team, with a particular emphasis on automated meter reading and efficient procedures: “The great strength of digitalisation is its ability to automate recurrent tasks and processes. Collaboration between the separate metering services within the proficient Officium Group, coupled with the consolidation of digital tools across the group, can expand the efficiency benefits even more. This approach enables us to save time and reduce costs while also boosting employee satisfaction. The merging of companies facilitates the consolidation of resources and infrastructure and provides a greater ability to adapt to the changing market conditions. Digitalisation creates opportunities to improve the customer experience, whether this by via personalised communication, efficient customer support or tailored products and services. This can raise customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.”

Stephan Kiermeyer, Managing Director of Officium: “With Stefan Gärtner we have gained a proven industry expert for our team. I not only value him as a person, but also his experience and ideas. I am sure that his expertise in growth and innovation management will give our company a boost. Our customers will notice the new leap in quality”.

Gärtner, the new man for Berlin and the surrounding area, added: “Officium is a company with a clear vision that offers promising future prospects for a wide range of regional metering services. On a personal level, I hold my colleague Stephan Kiermeyer in high esteem and look forward to working with him again. I have known him for many years and value not only him as a person but also his technical competence in the world of metering services.”

Gärtner boasts extensive professional experience in consumption management, metering operations, growth and innovation management. His most recent position was that of managing director at smarvis, a provider of self-billing and sub-metering services, where he was responsible for the company’s growth strategy.